Where to Look for Cheap Golf Clubs?


They say golf is a rich man’s game. The cost of club membership for players, the starter set and even the get-up or attire when playing, cost a lot of money. Well that used to be the case several years ago. Nowadays, playing golf is not limited to the wealthy only. One of average income can enjoy a round of play for as low as $30-40, all inclusive of golf needs.

Playing golf need not be expensive. One can opt for the public courses, which offer as low as $20 to play 18 holes. Public courses are as good as fancy country clubs, without the hundreds of dollars attached to them. As for the golf clubs, you can borrow from friends (if they will let you), rent or buy cheap golf clubs.

The question you want to be answered right now is this: where to buy high quality cheap golf clubs? You actually have many options. Here are some of them.

cheap golf clubs1. Online. There are literally hundreds of websites that offer used or cheap golf clubs today. As they say though, not everything in the net is true so be diligent in your research and take time to browse through the different sites. Compare and contrast the promos and packages being offered by these companies. Determine also the credibility of the companies. Read the comments in the forums and be open for all positive and negative feedbacks. It is recommended that you stick with reputable sites selling these golf clubs only when you truly want to avail of high quality golf clubs at a price you can afford.

2. Sports shops. Discounted or cheap golf clubs can be availed at sports retails stores or shops too. The advantage here is you can scrutinize the clubs very well unlike if you are just purchasing online. Carefully examine the club head and shaft for any nicks, dents or damages. You could also determine the weight and the feel of the golf clubs right there and then. If you are buying from professional sports shops, the probability that the salesclerks are very knowledgeable on golf is high. They are the right persons to ask for advice about which golf club is perfect for you.

3. From professional players. Sometimes, these professional players sell their prized golf clubs at a discount to buy new ones or for whatever reasons they may have. The peak months are from January to March. This is also a good option especially if the player is a friend of yours. You can haggle and even borrow the golf clubs for a round of game just to check it out. You could also ask for a payment scheme not usually allowed online or through shops.

4. From garage sales. Yes, sometimes you can find treasures in these garage sales. Be alert on announcements regarding sales on the newspapers, community bulletin boards, flyers or posts. You can usually find good prices of golf clubs during garage sales.

5. From refutable pawnshops. Golf clubs are sometimes used as collateral in some pawnshops to get loans. Some pawnshops sell unredeemed items when the grace period for redemption has expired. The pawnshops usually sell these items for half or one third of its original price. You could find the announcements on newspapers for the schedule of the sale. This is also one good option to buy your golf clubs.

The only person you should not buy your golf clubs is from a stranger. This is self explanatory enough.

Playing golf has been made affordable to the rest of the population indeed. Availing of cheap golf clubs is now made easy with so many options as to where to buy them. Start your search now!

Finding Homes for Sale Long Island, New York Using Listing Services


Buying or selling homes or properties is usually done with the help of a real estate agent, who then puts your property information in a multiple listing service (MLS). The main purpose of an MLS is to make the search and transaction more efficient for the buyers, sellers, and the listing agents. Using their networks, the agents will be able to promote your property to buyers that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach on your own. The MLS acts essentially as a database that stores various information regarding properties for sale such as its area (expressed in square feet), number of rooms, nearby establishments and institutions, and other pertinent details. They also include photos and a short description of what makes a particular house unique and special.

Real estateWhen looking for a new home, one of the things that must be considered is its location. If you are looking for a good suburban place that’s near a beach, Long Island is a great choice. In addition, it is only a two-hour drive from New York City, and because it is pretty popular, many listing agents will surely be able to offer you great properties from that area. If you are currently looking for a new house, finding homes for sale Long Island, New York using listing services is the way to go.

Benefits to Buyers

Once you use listing services to look for homes for sale Long Island, New York, it will be much easier to filter your available options according to the criteria you have set for your new home. You will also have more options to choose from because your listing agent also has access to nearby properties that other agents are selling.

If you are using an MLS website, you may choose to filter the search results by specifying cities, neighborhoods, zip codes, number of bedrooms, baths, and price range. You may also filter according to the type of property: house, condominium, or just a vacant lot.

Talking to a listing agent will also let you know how much cash you should prepare to cover the overall cost of the transaction. You will be aware of the taxes, mortgage, and utility costs. Because of MLS, buyers will no longer have to undergo the hassle of working with different companies and agents just to find the perfect property that matches their preference.

Benefits to Sellers

If you are selling your home in Long Island, putting it on a listing service will ensure that your property information is shared with a wider audience. Because of MLS, real estate companies and their agents now have access to the property listings of other companies. As a result, your property gets to be viewed by many potential buyers, and you can trust the listing agent to make sure that you will get the best value for your property. Although many people may still choose to look for properties using old school methods such as ocular visits, open houses, and other forms of advertisement, the MLS is proven to be one of the most convenient and efficient ways to get the job done.

Some Other Considerations

Now that the internet has become a widespread commodity, many people now prefer to just search homes for sale Long Island, New York on the web. Before, the job of the agent was to match buyers with sellers, but now they are also needed for arranging the paperwork and the procedures necessary to complete the transaction. As of now, the future of MLS is yet to be seen, but listing agents believe that they would need to calibrate their expertise to ensure that the changing times will not make them obsolete.